September 22nd, 2010

Обложка этой книжки...

Кто б объяснил, зачем делали коллаж для обложки книги по фотографии, да еще и со столькими накладками? Как автор, преподающий Фотошоп, мог подписать эту обложку в печать? Публика - дура, да?

Мой миленок от тоски...

With his dick, from being bored
Darling crashed a wooden board.
Day by day, with dedication,
Strengthens Russian population!

Day-light-savings time has come,
Panic on the planet,
Boner used to be in bed,
Now in tube goddamn't!

Dangling high up as a petal,
Fucking piece of silver metal,
One can see a lot these days,
UF-crap in outer space.

Girls were swimming in the river,
Found themselves a rubber dick.
Played with it all day in fever,
Even had to call in sick.

Калибратор basICColor "Erlkönig" Discus

Из письма:

- no gel filter but glass filters, supposed to last 10 years
- smart designed bottom side (air can circulate, device doesn't get as warm as usual tools
- its formed in a way you can adjust it in a 45° angle on a desk (for measuring ambient light in a more controlled way)
- kind of 'made in Germany' quality (no comparison to plastic devices)
- they claim to get extremely accurate measurements (deltaE of 0.02 instead of 0.2 like others)
- the device considers the hardware it is calibrating, that is, it has stored information about the monitor and will adapt the measurements adequately; the device can be updated for monitors not yet on the market
- you can fix the device on a tripod for measurements including ambient light.